Pathways Academy is an accredited Free Standing Special Education School. As such, Pathways provides an individualized education plan for students in grades 6 -12 who need more than the traditional school setting can offer.  Our teachers are better able to meet the educational, emotional, and social needs of the student through a smaller teacher-student ratio, and work in concert with the support staff and social workers.  




Pathways Academy has a Transition Services Program. This program offers career counseling, vocational training, job placement, and vocational assessment for juniors and seniors, as well as students returning for a “fifth year.” Our director works with local businesses, vocational training schools, and the student’s home school to develop an individual program that best suits the student’s vocational goals and objectives. 




Pathways Academy is a program of the Children's Community Programs of Connecticut. Unlike other special education schools, we are in a unique position as a non-profit agency to offer “wrap around” services for all students. Our teachers have direct involvement with all programs offered at Children’s Community Programs of Connecticut, including therapeutic foster care, mentoring, vocational training, educational legal advocacy for court-involved students, supports for kinship caregivers and family check-up parent home visiting program. This opportunity facilitates greater communication and collaboration between services, increasing the chances for a positive outcome for all our students.  


Brian Lynch

Chief Executive Officer

(203) 786-6403 ext. 111

Randi Cavallaro

Chief Financial Officer

(203) 786-6403 ext. 137

David Abrams

Chief Operating Officer

(203) 786-6403 ext. 123

Gretchen Test, MSW

Director of New Program Development

(203) 746-6403 ext 155

Bill Millard


(203) 745-4505

Jeanette Sykes

Director, Youth Transition Services

(475) 238-7932


Important Message From CEO Brian Lynch

Diversity, equity and social justice are core values of The Children’s Community Programs of Connecticut (CCP). The CCP family mourns George Floyd and condemns his brutal murder at the hands of law enforcement. Sadly Mr. Floyd’s death is part of a long and historical pattern of systemic racism that must not be repeated. We acknowledge the shattering impact of this violence on the children, youth, young adults and families we serve, as well the youth mentors, foster parents and CCP staff who support our youth. We understand that the anger, grief and pain people are feeling is compounded by the devastating toll the COVID pandemic has taken, especially in communities of color. If you feel the need for support or seek dialog, we are listening - please reach out to us by calling 203-786- 6403. Our mission and commitment are to serve and support the communities most impacted by the pandemic and systemic violence. CCP supports the new wave of activism and encourages peaceful protest and action to ensure justice. We join this call to action to eliminate racism, violence and injustice. CCP will stand firm and work with our communities to find long term solutions to the social, political and cultural problems facing our society.


Brian F. Lynch, MSW, LCSW Chief Executive Officer The Children’s Community Programs of Connecticut

Pathways Academy

35 Bishop Street

East Haven, CT 06512


phone: (203) 745-4505

fax: (475) 227-0761  




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